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America Part Two Wants You To Take Real Action In “Freedom” Music Video

New Jersey rock band America Part Two is really a band that, sonically speaking, is hard to pin down. We talk a lot about bands that mix genres to create fresh, exciting music, and America Part Two really epitomizes what it means to do something fun that not many people do.

Mixing the sound of 90s garage rock, 60s psychedelic and 2000s emo, the band – consisting of Alex Fabio, Fred Rainville and Sam Weingarten – describes themselves as “millennial rock”. It’s a fun way to describe their music, but once you’ve listened to it for yourself, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly and see what they mean.

America Part Two released their first EP, Pure, in 2017, and quickly established themselves as a group that would use their platform to journal their experiences as a young adult in America today. Social issues, growing up, the political climate and love are just some of the topics the band tackles in their music. Over the course of their careers, the band toured with A Will Away and The Moms, and continued to release music that pushes the boundaries of what America Part Two is.

On Friday October 23, the band released their singles “Split 2020” and “Freedom”, their first since signing to Revival Recordings. Today, Substream is excited to team up with the band to create the backing video for “Freedom,” which you can find below.

On the single and the video, America Part Two explains that, “You alone have the power to free yourself. In a fog of social media, late-stage consumerism and growing global crises, we need to think for ourselves. To stop attacking each other. To stop self-destructing. In the “Freedom” video, we wanted to capture the process of escaping from mental prison. We chose to show that you need to take real action and do whatever it takes to make the positive changes in your life and find your freedom.. “

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