A well-known Christian site in China closes permanently

04/29/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – A Christian website in China with over 20 years of history ceased to exist recently amid the ongoing crackdown on Christianity in cyberspace.

On April 12, “Jona(h) Home” posted a notice on its website, which reads “For reasons known to all, our site can no longer serve brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you all for your business and support over the past 21 years!

He keeps on, “The disappearance of a website is just a disappearance of a website, it makes no sense. Except the link of the website can no longer be opened, there is nothing else who stopped at that moment; Don’t worry and keep walking.

All that remains is the notice posted on their website. Baidu Tieba, a Chinese communication platform, has a few entries where users wonder what happened to the Jona Home website. While no one dared speak of the government’s repression, some responded, “[The closure] has nothing to do with your laptop. You should know the reason.

On March 1, the Chinese government officially banned unauthorized online religious activities. Any religious group seeking to conduct religious activities online cannot do so without obtaining a government-issued license. Even before the ban was put in place, Bible apps and many Christian WeChat accounts were shut down in China.

Father Francis Liu of the Chinese Christian Justice Community told Radio Free Asia: “The closure of Jona Home reflects the way the Chinese authorities suppress Christianity. I am sad from the bottom of my heart for the closure of such a site. This is certainly the most direct result of the way China currently persecutes and oppresses religious freedom.

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