Alfamedio Ltd Launched New Website To Provide User Friendly SEO Services


The new website launched in April 2021 allows users to subscribe or unsubscribe from their SEO packages with one click.

Alfamedio Ltd, known for its affordable SEO packages, serving all of London, recently announced the launch of its redesigned website.

This new website comes with affordable SEO packages that users can opt in / out of right from their website. This function works like an online store and allows users to order services in a simple and flexible way.

While Alfamedio Ltd offers a range of packages that include a predefined number of working hours each month, running Google Business, backlink building and monthly reports for subscribers, they are also open to offering a package on measurement for each customer. because they believe that every website is unique and may need improvements that are not covered by their listed packages.

Kamil Krystman, CEO and Founder of Alfamedio Ltd, said: “We are delighted to launch our new website. We understand that people hate to be entangled in contractual obligations, which is the case with most SEO services. That’s why our new website is designed to break the stigma and give our clients the freedom to subscribe or unsubscribe from our SEO services with just one click. You no longer need to call multiple numbers to get your subscription or unsubscription request. We have made it much easier for our esteemed clients. In a way, this new website will now look a lot like those ecommerce sites that have taken the world by storm. Our SEO services work like a real estate service and help you increase the value of your home so that you can get the most out of it down the line.

A key spokesperson for Alfamedio Ltd said:“The point of SEO is not to be number one. The goal of your business is to create leads and sales. You ignore the most crucial element of SEO, your customers, when designing your website for the Google search engine. Ultimately, ranking # 1 in Google is useless unless your website is properly designed to turn that traffic into leads and sales. The number of websites that reference or link information is one of the most crucial signals taken into account by Google’s algorithm. Each link represents a vote in favor of that website, indicating that it deserves a high ranking in search results.

Speaking to the media, the chief executive of the company said: “If your potential customers are searching for your products or services on Google, you need an SEO strategy. People are increasingly using a variety of channels to research products and services, with search engines frequently included in the mix. Even if you use traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and print media, you’ll need an SEO strategy to make sure you don’t lose customers when they go online to research more. thorough.

As an SEO company in London, Alfamedio Ltd has experience in all aspects of SEO in the UK which means they can guarantee that they provide each client with tailor-made solutions that will work for them.

The new website is their effort to make it easier for their existing and new clients to order their SEO services with confidence. By offering them a one-click subscribe and unsubscribe feature, which is not available in the market with any other company, they aim to solve a major problem of their buyers, who are often duped of their hard-earned money with obligations contracts.

In addition to their SEO services, the company is also known to provide Google ad management and social media services. They also offer one-off purchases for a professional SEO audit, WordPress speed optimization, and on-page SEO optimizations that their clients have cortically acclaimed.


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