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A still from the film The Cliffs of Liberty. Credit: Hellenic National Society

Cliffs of Freedom, the historical drama set during Greece’s War of Independence, will air on major platforms from September 13, 2021, the National Hellenic Society (NHS) has announced.

In a NHS statement, which owns all the rights to the film, said the release on Amazon Prime, Apple and Google Play “will celebrate the bicentenary of Greece’s War of Independence.”

The story of Cliffs of Freedom takes place in Valtetsi, a small village in Arcadia in the Peloponnese in Greece. It is based on and inspired by a novel written by Marianne Metropoulos, Fille du Destin. The novel served as a springboard for the film produced by Marianne and Dean Metropoulos with Marianne as co-writer of the screenplay.

Look at the cliffs of liberty on Apple tv and Amazon prime.

Movie Cliff sof Freedom Watch Online Streaming Now

Marianne and Dean Metropoulos are members of the NHS, and as Drake Behrakis, chairman of the NHS board, told the Greek Reporter, the NHS felt that because “there are a lot of great cultural and historical themes in the film ”, the organization decided to buy all the rights. .

The Cliffs of Liberty showcase Greece’s War of Independence

“While we don’t expect to make any money from the film, we do think we can use it as an example to show the importance of the Greek War of Independence and talk about different themes in the film that resonate with it. a 21st century audience, ”Behrakis said. .

The film is an amalgamation of stories, narratives and events that took place during the Greek War of Independence. The lives, struggles, sacrifices and saga of the Greeks are brilliantly displayed, symbolic of the resilience, determination and courage of the Greek people determined to be free.

Their deep faith, values ​​and love of family, culture and heritage marks the first time their story has been shown on the big screen in epic form. The film’s production values, acting, score and caliber of the cast and crew created a film that captivated audiences.

Behrakis is hoping the film could follow on from the NHS ‘successful collaboration with National Geographic in the series, The Greek Guide to Greatness.

This series “was very critical” in promoting ancient Greek culture to a wider audience, says Behrakis. “He took major themes such as athletics, poetry, theater, democracy, everything that originated in ancient Greece, and showed how important they are still in today’s society. . “

Cliffs of Freedom, which centers on an unfortunate love story between a beautiful young girl from a Greek village that takes place at the start of the Revolutionary War in Greece, “is what we are trying to do as an organization. . To keep these messages alive. To keep the Greek diaspora engaged.

Inspiring stories

Behrakis, a second generation Greek, tells Greek Reporter that there are several stories in the film that he found inspiring. It highlights the scene towards the end of the film when Theodoros Kolokotronis, the Greek revolutionary leader, came with his rebels to liberate the Peloponnese. He is seen speaking to the people and inspiring them to fight for their freedom against the Ottoman Turks.

“I know who Kolokotronis was and how important he was, but it was the first time in a real movie to see him and realize what he meant to Greece. It was a moving experience for me. Wow, I thought, I actually see this person I’ve read so much about – seeing him live in a movie, ”Behrakis said.

He adds that “the more films we can include that showcase Greece and resonate with Greek history and culture among the general public, the better”.

The film is also available in theaters. More information on how to organize a special screening at a local theater, please contact the NHS.

The National Hellenic Society (NHS) is a nonprofit foundation made up of a Who’s Who of visionaries, philanthropists and leaders who celebrate, share and transmit Hellenic heritage in America.

NHS programs include its signature program, Heritage Greece, which reconnected and sponsored more than 500 university-aged Greek-born students in a life-changing experience hosted by the American College of Greece.

Look at the cliffs of liberty on Apple tv and Amazon prime.


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