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Since Prince Harry was reported to have started dating Suit actor Meghan Markle, the world has been captivated by their relationship. The couple first bonded romantically in 2016, before announcing their engagement in November 2017, getting married at Windsor Castle six months later and welcoming their son Archie in May 2019.

However, not everything has gone well, they have also had to deal with significant struggles, dealing with an unprecedented level of intrusion into their lives, navigating racial abuse directed at Meghan and dealing with rumors. of rupture between them and the other members of the royal family.

Tuesday August 11, Find freedom, a biography on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is in press. Written by royal journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the book documents journalists’ experience of working close to the couple.

While a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess said The independent that they had no involvement in the book – it is “based on the authors’ own experiences” in the royal press corps – it promises insight into their lives, work and decision to move away from royal life, following interviews with over 100 royal initiates.

Here is our report on Find freedom by reading the book from start to finish:

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Find freedom is finally here

The day has finally arrived. After a lot of anticipation (and several featured extracts already made public), Find freedom, a biography on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex written by royal journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, is in press.

Join us as we read the book’s 24 chapters (and 349 pages), learning more about the things we already knew – how the couple fell in love after being set up on a blind date. – backstage events (like the day the couple finally left the royal bosom or “the Firm” for good).

We are already enjoying the playful chapter titles, which include: “London Calling”, “When Harry Met Meghan”, “A Problem Like Samantha” and “Duchess Different”.

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Before we dive into the book, we need to draw attention to its title, Find freedom.

This title choice says a lot about how Scobie and Durand perceive Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family.

While some may believe the Duke and Duchess were on the wrong track in deciding to step down from royal life (and all the power that comes with it), according to the authors, it helped them break free from the golden cage. in which they lived. in.

A period of two years for Meghan and 35 years for Harry was enough to entice them to fly the henhouse, across the Atlantic.

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Back to the ups and downs

The book opens with one of the most memorable moments in Meghan and Harry’s relationship. Stepping out of Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, Meghan wearing a white Line the Label coat and beaming ear to ear as she held Harry’s arm, the spotlight was firmly on the couple as they announced their engagement to the world in November 2017.

Scobie – who seems to be in charge of the storytelling at this point – describes the day as undeniable “magic” to those who were there.

At this point the couple undoubtedly had an idea of ​​the level of scrutiny of their lives in the years to come (Kensington Palace had previously issued a statement on Meghan’s media reporting at this point), but he is sure to say what followed exceeded all expectations.

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The normalcy Prince Harry has always dreamed of

For some, Harry and Meghan’s announcement to step down from the royal family in January came as a total surprise. For the others, not so much. Right off the bat, Durand and Scobie claim that they had known for a long time how much Harry wanted to lead a somewhat normal life.

The author gives an example of a “small gathering over a drink” where the Duke allegedly told Scobie he wanted to be “just a normal guy who could pack his bags and spend a year in Brazil chasing his own. passions “and said he” hated “smartphones being pressed into his face.

He says Harry “longs for normalcy” and cites his mother, Princess Diana, taking him to McDonald’s as an example (apparently Prince Harry liked the plastic Happy Meal toy).

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If you’ve just joined us, we’re still reading the prologue at this point and we quickly went from the happy scenes at Kensington Palace in 2017 to the last day of their official royal life.

The image Scobie portrays of Meghan’s farewell to her Buckingham Palace team as one full of sadness and yearning for a different outcome. Meghan and Harry have previously said saying goodbye to their team in March was a ‘saddening’ occasion for them and their staff.

We are told the words the Duchess reportedly said as she and Scobie shared a farewell hug. “It was not to be like that,” she said of herself and Prince Harry’s release from royal duties.

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Tormented by the tabloids

We’ve got to the intro, where we find the couple at Christmas 2019 – when they decided to head to Vancouver Island, Canada for the holiday season, rather than staying in Sandringham with the rest. of the firm. (Note that this is something that has already been done by the Cambridges).

But spending the holidays away from Britain for the first time since they started dating – and with their young son, Archie – meant it was a move heavily questioned by the media, despite the Her Majesty’s approval, according to the book.

At this point, we get a first look at Harry’s relationship with the press: Scobie describes him reading an online tabloid article about their Christmas plans, claiming he was “disgusted” with how it was described. Most notably, the way he was attacked in the comments section – he kept reading it anyway, Scobie says.

“Harry immediately regretted having opened the tie. His stomach was tied in the same knot every time he saw comments like that,” it read.

They say the couple spent the remainder of the trip “figuring out various scenarios for their future” (as well as doing yoga every day and making breakfast together…).

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A Californian makes a stopover in the capital

The first chapter – “London Calling” – begins in 2016, and Meghan is shopping at Selfridges (!!) for shoes (her favorite designers are Stella McCartney, Chloe and Marc Jacobs apparently). We hear a little more about the childhood of Meghan, who grew up in Los Angeles, including the time spent in a “cramped converted garage” and the impact it had on her financial choices. adult.

Next thing we know – Meghan is doing a hen on the Greek island of Hydra as a bridesmaid (and it seems Meghan has strong feelings about the penis paraphernalia describing them as “Headbands of phallic persuasion”).

The journey is interwoven with the authors constructing an image of Meghan before she was a princess: her childhood, her education, her charity work, her college choices, her adult life before Harry.

The book describes her as anything but a party girl and tells college that she was “less Animal House and more Elle Woods.”

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The early stages of Meghan’s career were a long way from her future royal life. For two years, hours were spent filming Agree or disagree, leaning over scripts in his spare time as his fellow briefcase models stepped out for drinks. In the first episode of the reboot 90210 series, she had to fake a blowjob in a car at the start of the school day, which Meghan was reluctant to do. “But struggling actresses can’t be picky,” add the authors.

When auditioning for the role that would make her a household name on television – the character of paralegal Rachel Zane on Suit – Meghan apparently rocked her hearing. But never the type to give up, she did not reflect on her poor performance. Instead, she got down to business, contacting her agent to see if she could make another attempt.

“There is nothing you can do,” replied his agent. “Just focus on your next hearing. Seven seasons later, Meghan had the last word.

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Chapter two opens more like a romantic comedy by Nora Ephron. “When Harry Met Meghan,” reads the title of the chapter. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal devour you.

Several years after breaking into the entertainment world, Meghan is now enjoying her earnings, being paid around $ 10,000 for appearances at exclusive red carpet events. In addition to her acting career, the Suits star is also trying to make a name for herself in the lifestyle sphere, by launching her lifestyle blog. The Tiger in 2014. A woman of many talents indeed.

But it wasn’t always clear that she would become an actress, say the authors. In fact, she envisioned a life in journalism at one point. “She had always loved writing at school and even thought about becoming a journalist at one point, because it was an opportunity to channel her creativity and frustration,” write the authors.

The future Duchess wrote an anonymous blog titled The working actress, where she “detailed the pitfalls and triumphs of the struggle to be successful in Hollywood.” For someone who has gone to great lengths to ensure that her life is as protected and private as possible, this has provided Meghan with an outlet to express her ‘raw’ emotions, under the guise of supposed anonymity.

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Mingle with high society

Even before getting married into the royal family, Meghan was already familiarizing herself with the who’s who of British high society. She was friends with Violet von Westenholz, director of public relations for Ralph Lauren, who grew up spending a ski vacation with Prince William and Prince Harry, and attended Wimbledon, where she supported her close friend Serena Williams and admired her crush, actor Dominic Cooper, from afar in the VIP area. While Meghan and Harry’s union may have come as a surprise to some, others might say it was inevitable given their social circles.

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