From hobby to business, why side hustles are here to stay: Website rating examines the new work standard

The Website Assessment provides users with a toolkit and resources for remote workers to help them start, build, manage and grow their online businesses and thrive in the age of hustle and bustle.

As the New Year 2022 begins, at least 34% of Americans have a side job, according to Zapier. Bank of America statistics show that 62% of Generation Z and 56% of Generation Y have a side job.

The gig economy has moved beyond the desire and hobby phase to meet a need in its own right. A new era of the side gig economy has dawned. Economic hardship due to the global pandemic has left many desperate for sources of income.

With physical isolation, online hustles has become the standard for most people.

Where hustle was once a source of passive income, used for savings and other extra expenses, Dollar Sprout found that 27% of secondary scammers now use this income for necessities.

Online hustles have become very popular because they are convenient. Splashing has become the new normal for workers, and Website evaluation helps them navigate this landscape.

With the majority of side gigs focusing on online spaces, it’s become quite competitive and difficult to find the right side hustles. The website rating is a bridge that connects people to great online hustle ideas, making it easier to start the online hustle.

“We test and review the best tools to start, run and grow your business online, so you don’t have to.”

Looking at the landscape of work in 2022, the gig economy has contributed significantly to “the great resignation”. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown people into a world of uncertainty, but the online scramble saved the day.

This is why online hustles are here to stay.

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According to the founder of Website Rating Matt Ahlgrenside hustles are the best way to help people achieve financial freedom.

In his online stampedes 2022 feature, Ahlgren discusses the beauty of the side hustle, citing that it’s easy to get started and grow.

“It doesn’t need a big upfront investment or specialized skills. You can fit it into your schedule and you can get the job done from the comfort of your home.

With the 25+ Online Hustle Ideas that Website Rating has compiled, people can find what suits them. Another benefit of side hustles is that people can do something they love, which results in increased investment in them.

Matt Ahlgren explains that it’s possible to make enough money from side-hustling, so much so that it becomes a full-time job.

The year is still young and ideal for people to capture new sources of income. The Website Ranking Team explains that the perfect time to start making extra money is now.

“A secondary hustle takes a lot of work. If you want to create a steady stream of income, then ideally you should choose something that you are passionate about and would be willing to do every day.

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