Growatt has launched a new website to promote its portable power station offerings

“Growatt is committed to fostering smart energy living with sustainable green energy. In the past, our solution was limited to providing on-site power, but we have developed a new line of portable power station in the hope that green power can be brought outside to provide green power solutions for all scenarios,” said Lisa Zhang, Global Marketing Director at Growatt. The recently released Growatt Infinity 1500 has a capacity of 1554Wh and an output of 2000W and can cover 95% of outdoor and indoor devices. It supports high-speed solar and wall charging and can be charged to 80% in just one hour, making it the perfect companion for outdoor activities and a reliable friend for home backup.

Unlike Growatt’s traditional product offerings, the new portable power station primarily serves outdoor enthusiasts and users who need installation-free backup power solutions. This is a new type of customer for Growatt, different from the previous one in terms of user profiles and purchasing habits. The launch of the website aims to provide a more intuitive, user-friendly and interactive communication platform and bridge the gap with such end users.

“By launching a new site, we can interact directly with our users and better communicate with the market. We believe this will make it easier for us to continuously optimize our products and services. The launch of the new site echoes our promise to always define user experience as a top priority,” Zhang added.

The new website features a new visual in response to the company’s expansion strategy. In the future, Growatt will launch more products to complete the entire portable power ecosystem, giving users the real freedom to use clean power anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about Growatt’s new portable power station and related offerings, please visit the new website


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