Hagzi, the best website to rent an apartment in Jordan

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You have a busy schedule and are looking for apartments for rent in Amman? Whether you’re moving with your family or you’re a tourist looking for a vacation spot, for now finding the perfect place to stay, among thousands of apartment for rent can be a difficult task, but we’ve got it covered. With Hagzi, the best apartment rental site in Jordan, renting apartments has become a piece of cake. In this article, we will introduce the many features that Hagzi offers its renters, from availability to neighborhoods and type of property to its age.

Features of Hagzi

Hagzi offers its potential tenants a wide range of features and filters to choose their ideal home:


The first and most important option for tenants is the accessibility of the apartment. For those in need of a last minute apartment, this option is vital regardless of any other details.

Trendy neighborhoods

This is where you decide where you want the location of the apartment to be. Hagzi offers many places from which tenants can choose their preferred destination like Abdoun and Jabal Amman.

Property type

Now, this feature depends on how much you are willing to pay and the purpose of the rental. If you want a luxurious vacation; Hagzi offers you the best villas on the market. However, if your stay revolves around sightseeing and time outdoors, we recommend choosing apartments or studios.

Property Features

This option allows you to select the quality of the asset. Do you want to live in a residential area surrounded by people and close to the market? Maybe a beautiful scene and view is what you need. How about a sunny and spacious apartment? If you are looking for elegance, a modern and stylish apartment is what you need, and guess what? We have it too!


It is the conveniences and facilities of an apartment that make it much more rental and comfortable. So, Hagzi has taken it upon himself to provide all those home comforts like gym, swimming pool, sauna, etc.


Here you can choose which floor the property is on. Usually, for those who have children, they prefer the ground floor for safety and the place usually comes with a yard; so it gives them more freedom. The rooftop is handy if you want a view like a sunset and stargazing.


If you are, say, newly married; then an unfurnished apartment is what you need. If you are traveling light and looking for a place to spend your time, then a semi-furnished or furnished apartment is for you.

The age of the building

The age of the apartment plays a vital role in rental rates. The more recent the property, the higher its rent and the better its services. The rental of old places is usually due to their unique location, such as being in the city center and proximity to daily amenities.

Apartment size

If you have a large family or plan to start one. you also receive many visitors and guests and having a spacious house or apartment will greatly improve your quality of life. A smaller location is better if you’re downsizing or traveling a lot, for example.


Depending on the number of people staying in the property, you can decide how many bathrooms you will need.

Hagzi phone app

To make things even more convenient for their customers; Hagzi took it a step further and created the Hagzi phone app, which is completely free. Can you imagine that? You research your new place, view videos and photos that reflect the reality of the property at no cost or cost, and connect with owners from the comfort of your home. No more careful planning and last-minute panic at this point. Book now and avoid the last minute rush.

Mission Hagzi

Hagzi’s mission is to ensure a safe and efficient rental method for its customers, whether you have a family, are single, or are vacationing with friends, by embracing modern technology, through speed, l efficiency and connection with the owners. In this cutting-edge profession, they aspire to the satisfaction of their customers.

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