Job site for unvaccinated; “I created it out of necessity”

Jabless Jobs’ board has had over 240,000 views since November 2021.

He has thousands of job postings across Canada including Alberta, one of those listings is in Airdrie looking for a music teacher. The online job website aims, as the website states, to “connect[ing] non-discriminatory employers with like-minded job seekers”. The website is the creation of Vancouverite George Douklias.

Douklias previously worked for a cleaning service in Vancouver that cleaned building exteriors before founding Jabless Jobs.

“Well, my employer at the time was going to start putting in place restrictions on staff and I was not comfortable with that,” he said. “So I decided to move on and start looking elsewhere. I needed to find a job, so I created a bulletin board on Telegram that can help me find a job, but it actually blew up. So I ended up sticking it out and keeping the job board going and it’s now become a website.”

When asked if he was vaccinated, he did not answer.

“I think it’s private.”

Jabless Jobs has job listings from every province including Alberta with the majority of employers looking for workers from Edmonton and Calgary, across there were a handful of positions from rural Alberta including including Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane. The Airdrie listing which is filed in the education section, is looking for a music teacher, “Teaching in small groups and private lessons – Piano, Vocal, Guitar. Experience/Training in teaching Piano, Vocal, Guitar. In person teaching – must be able to work in person.”

Douklais said his mission is to give people financial security regardless of their personal choices.

“Most of the jobs that [are] posted with us have a high engagement rate and they usually find the people they’re looking for,” Douklais said. “In fact, when there has been a split in a workplace, the employer can often disagree with some of the employers and the employees, and they will move on. But then they’ll come to us and ask them to help their staff and all of a sudden they’ll have a whole staff again.”

Discover Airdrie asked if it was concerned that someone finding a job from a job listing on its website could potentially expose both employee and employer to a dangerous work environment, namely falling sick or infected with COVID-19 if not vaccinated.

“We are not responsible for what people choose to do with their personal space. We just encourage people to be safe and healthy. Everyone has the right to make their own choices. [as] where they go and what they do.”

Douklais said that although he quit his job due to a difference of opinion over what he called “restrictions”, he admitted that little had changed in his life.

“[In] Vancouver, and I don’t know how it would be in the rest of the country, but I have no problem getting groceries and seeing my doctor and such, so my life isn’t terribly affected,” he said. -he declares. , I was just not willing to work in a place that was willing to put in place discriminatory restrictions against people. I was going to be part of it.”

Jabless Jobs also offers resume building and partners with organizations such as the Canadian Health Alliance, and Sovereignsinglescanada. describes itself as a “pro-freedom community map; no mask, no pass, no problem” and helps “find groups and businesses that don’t discriminate.” The website also listed a similar post from Airdrie on music lessons, although no further information was given in the post.

In a November 2021 study by the Angus Reid Institute, a poll of 1,611 people indicated that “55% of respondents favored firing tradespeople and/or construction workers if they refused to to get vaccinated “.

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