Korn creates new song excitement with hard-hitting website teaser


Are we about to have more new music from Korn? It seems so, as the band’s website is now leading fans to a percussive tease for what appears to be associated with a new song (potentially titled “Now”).

Fans who visit the website are greeted with a dark screen with tree branches obscuring the moonlight. There’s also a series of floating hands gripping heart-shaped faces, and the words “Remove this veil that I see…” Maybe the lyrics for the new song?

By clicking on the lyrics at the bottom of the homepage, fans are allowed to download an MP4 file titled “Now” which would appear to contain a sample of Ray Luzier playing drums for the new song. It should be noted that one of the floating hand images on the screen is active, while the others remain hidden and currently unable to access, suggesting the possibility that other instrument previews may be. added before revelation.

Find out and download the first of what appears to be several song teases from the band’s website.

Korn started the promotion for their next Requiem album in November revealing the single “Start the Healing”. The album is slated to arrive on February 4th via Loma Vista Records and pre-order / pre-registration information can be found here.

Jonathan Davis of Korn praised the album’s recording process, saying it was the first record where he didn’t have to rush his lyrics. Meanwhile, guitarist Munky told Loudwire Nights he thinks the new album reminded him of the early 2000s. Untouchables the era of the group.

“We have a lot of textures and there are a few layers and recording techniques that we did [such as] tape recording. We did all the drums and did a lot of analog recordings, and we just got out of work on a computer, ”Munky said. “I feel like it’s going to take the fans a minute to sort of digest. And also, we have to put ourselves where we were in the middle of COVID. The whole world has stopped. At one point LA had these big fires and there was that orange sky, the virus was there – it was so dystopian. “

Keep an eye on Korn’s website to see what other previews they have in store and circle your timeline to get Korn’s new album. Requiem February 4.

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