Laurel Springs School launches new global branding and revamped website, including one-course e-commerce platform

The website integrates a self-guided interface for the purchase of a single course accessible for part-timers
students, providing flexibility and freedom for students to pursue their academic interests.

WEST CHESTER, Pa.and OJAI, Calif., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Laurel Springs School, an accredited online private school offering K-12 and postgraduate programs, announces the launch of its redesigned brand and website, adding an e-commerce marketplace for students to enroll in unique courses. The innovative platform offers courses unique to Laurel Springs, including advanced courses and electives, in a pay-as-you-go format that adapts to each student’s learning path and pace.

Laurel Springs School has been offering private, accredited K-12 and postgraduate online academic programs since its inception in 1991. Laurel Springs values ​​and encourages student individuality and recognizes the need to help them align their passions and their activities on their academic aspirations. (PRNewsfoto/Laurel Springs School)

“This program opportunity expands the boundaries of education, so students are no longer bound by the bricks and mortar of their current school,” said Arra Yerganyanpresident of Laurel Springs School. “We provide education in a direct-to-consumer format, allowing students the flexibility to supplement their educational experience with online courses, and improving the way the world can learn.”

With the single-course market, students can enroll part-time at Laurel Springs, even if they attend another school. The feature allows students to supplement their current curriculum with master’s-based courses and allows the organization to offer college preparatory courses, AP courses, and specialty courses, as well as college-approved courses. UC a–g or the NCAA.

Students can take advanced courses not offered at other schools, participate in electives such as career introductions in areas such as business development, IT, STEM-based careers and other opportunities, or simply use the courses to test the immersive educational approach. in Laurel Springs.

Course offerings in the new e-commerce marketplace provide adaptive flexibility Laurel Springs School families love it. Students are drawn to an innovative educational path that builds their ability to work on their passions alongside their studies, learning to juggle responsibilities while learning to learn.

“We believe in unlimited possibilities for learning and provide our students with the freedom and flexibility to pursue their passions and be the most successful version of themselves,” Yerganian said. “That’s why our uniquely talented students – artists, athletes, accelerated learners and world travelers – are drawn to our innovative curriculum and the way we homeschool.”

Laurel Springs School promotes the idea that to best accelerate student learning, students must learn to learn in a way that best suits their educational interests. With this one-course purchase option, students can learn to learn by completing their course load with an easy-to-purchase option. At Laurel Springs, students interact with education in personalized ways to build their unique futures with the flexibility they need.

As the world moves toward the future of remote learning, Laurel Springs is not what you traditionally expect from online learning. Since its creation in 1991, Laurel Springs The mission has been to engage learners around the world in an education that values ​​them as individuals, integrates their passions and pursuits into academic and professional pathways, and fosters research, growth, mastery, purpose and independence.

About Laurel Springs
Laurel Springs School is an accredited private online school offering a challenging K-12 curriculum and postgraduate academic program. Our mission is to engage learners around the world in an education that values ​​them as individuals, integrates their passions and pursuits into academic and professional pathways, and fosters inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence. The school is designed for the college-preparatory student who wants a personalized education to help them grow and excel academically and personally. We offer a flexible schedule that can support the early pursuit of careers in professional athletics, the entertainment industry, or wherever the student’s passions take them. Laurel Springs School offers over 30 after-school clubs, activities and programs. With 100% of faculty members holding at least a master’s degree, students are offered more than 230 college-preparatory courses taught by experts in their fields and achieve above-national average scores on the SAT and ACT. For 30 years, Laurel Springs School has an outstanding track record of placing graduates in selective colleges and universities of their choice. In 2021, 76% of graduates were offered admission to US News and World Reports Top 50 Colleges and earned more than $17 million in merit scholarships. Learn more about



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