Litens launches new technology-focused website


Litens Aftermarket has just launched its new website – and the company says it is ready to “continue to be the largest supplier to provide the highest quality power transmission products”.

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“With this updated website, our current and future market partners will have a better experience and more easily find valuable information such as our parts catalog, new issue announcements, Litens news and much more,” said John Lussier, President, Tendeco

Litens’ technology is applied globally to more than half of the vehicles on the road today, striving to reduce emissions, while improving fuel economy, performance and the passenger experience, according to the company. “So it’s right that our website reflects our capabilities at full capacity, while also acting as a hub of resources and benefits for our customers.

“This new website emphasizes the importance of using ‘OE quality in the aftermarket’. Low voltage devices, Alternator Overflow Decoupler (OAD), BASFiltr and TorqFiltr, and Medium Hybrid Tensioners are important contributors to the overall CO2 reduction. We hope that this new website will bring clarity to the replacement market, regarding the latest technologies used in current cars, ”said Damien Gabel, CEO of ATech.

What’s new?

Not only is the new website easy to navigate, it has been designed primarily with the needs of business consumers in mind. The site has a direct link that can guide users to Litens’ online store, where customers can find products through the associated VIN, make, model, year or engine, for a purchasing process. fast and straightforward.

“As our new website features are built on convenience, we hope to configure a user-friendly experience for our customers and partners through,” said Lussier.

Features include:

  • Introducing new frequently updated product versions
  • Share a platform filled with our engaging news
  • Provide contact information so that everyone can access Litens Aftermarket without difficulty
  • Present a complete and efficient range

“To help save time, effort and energy, we have created the ‘Downloads’ section of our new website, which is a source of reliable information about our products and their respective descriptions,” Lussier said. . “Here, our channel audience can also access the installation sheets which will simplify and support the installation process. “

For more information, visit Litens Aftermarket.


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