Meghan Markle received the book Finding Freedom BEFORE its release – but still denies colluding with the author



MEGHAN Markle received a copy of the book Finding Freedom BEFORE it was published – but still denies colluding with the authors.

The Duchess of Sussex’s legal team said the 39-year-old received a copy of the book “immediately before it was serialized”.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their last royal engagement before resigningCredit: Splash News
The biography was written by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand


The biography was written by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn DurandCredit: Amazon

But they insisted it was too late for the former actress to make any changes.

This is the latest revelation in the Duchess of Sussex’s battle for privacy as she sues Associated Newspapers, the publisher of The Mail on Sunday, for publishing a letter she wrote to her ex-father Thomas Markle.

In court documents submitted today, attorneys for Meghan Markle said: “The plaintiff’s US publicist only received a copy of the book just prior to its serialization, when it had already been printed.

“It was therefore too late for the Applicant to request changes to be made, so that the inference invoked was false, and there was (therefore) no invitation to suggest changes to the text, nor any request for such modifications. “

It was revealed today that:

Finding Freedom, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, is indicative of the Sussexes’ experience when they stepped down as royals in what has become the Megxit.

Meghan lost a legal battle last month to block allegations that she was cooperating with the perpetrators.

She was accused of providing personal information to the authors of the biography to “expose her own side of events in a way that is favorable to her” – thus violating her own privacy.

Anthony White QC, for MoS, said: “[Meghan] allowed information about his private and family life, including his relationship and communications with his father and the letter, and the private and family lives of others, to enter the public domain through the book.

His legal team today filed an appeal against the decision to allow Mail on Sunday editors to use the biography as part of their case.

Jane Phillips, representing Meghan, told Judge Warby: “The new case should not have been cleared.

“It was speculative, it was unsubstantiated and it was inherently implausible and, we say most importantly, it was wrong in law.”

She added that the new case was “not just a stab in the dark, but it was a stab in the dark in the wrong room.”

However, Justice Warby today denied the claim.

Meghan's legal team has kept the Duchess away from bio


Meghan’s legal team has kept the Duchess away from bioCredit: Reuters
Meghan sues Mail on Sunday editors for invasion of privacy


Meghan sues Mail on Sunday editors for invasion of privacyCredit: Splash News

Meghan’s lawyers have fiercely denied collaborating with the authors – even calling the Finding Freedom stories “extremely innocuous, the product of creative licensing and / or inaccurate” in an attempt to keep her away.

Author Omid Scobie claimed in his witness statement that it was “wrong” to suggest that Harry or Meghan had collaborated on Finding Freedom.

The Duchess seeks damages from the Mail on Sunday for alleged abuse of private information, violation of data protection law and violation of copyright on five articles published in February 2019 which included excerpts from the letter ” private and confidential “to his father.

Publisher Associated Newspapers claimed that Prince Harry’s wife herself disclosed the details of the letter to the media through friends.

The editor argued that Meghan was “satisfied” when five friends spoke up to defend her in an interview with People Magazine, which mentioned the letter.

Meghan, who currently lives in the United States with Prince Harry and their one-year-old son Archie, is suing ANL for five articles in total, two in MoS and three on MailOnline, which were published in February 2019 and reproduced parts of a handwritten letter she sent to her father in August 2018.

ANL totally denies the allegations, especially the Duchess’s claim that the letter was edited in a way that changed its meaning, and says she will vigorously contest the case.

Meghan's lawyers have dismissed claims the Duchess collaborated with the perpetrators


Meghan’s lawyers have dismissed claims the Duchess collaborated with the perpetratorsCredit: Splash News
Charles quietly supported Harry and Meghan’s controversial trial


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