Meghan Markle’s move to UK documented in Finding Freedom book



Leaving comedy, something she had worked for so long, was also “terrifying,” as she admitted to friends. At one point, she had dreamed of moving into the movies and into more meaty roles. However, as she approached her mid-thirties, her dreams and aspirations began to change. A voice inside her kept telling her that she could do so much more with her platform. It was an inspiration behind The Tig. But she also admired actresses like Angelina Jolie, who had become a force in her own right in the charity space, focusing mostly on humanitarian projects that she interwoven with more commercial ones, and funding her life with branded deals. occasional. At one point, that was Meghan’s career model. But then she met Harry. If she wanted to have a real future – and a real family – with him, she had to give up acting altogether.

Meghan was ready now.

On November 20, Meghan landed in London, knowing that the British capital was no longer just her partner’s place of residence. It was now his home. Although the past few weeks have been difficult, it felt right. She was excited.
Harry felt guilty that he had to give up so much – his home, his career – to fit into his world. He was always afraid of disrupting his life. In private, he harbored fears about which route to take. How would the press be? Would he have to face the prejudices of a greater number of people around him and in the institution? He wanted to protect Meghan, wrap her around and shield her from all the negativity, but he knew it was impossible. He worried that she would one day turn to him and say, “I love you, but I can’t live like this. Meghan assured her that she was strong and ready to “become a team”.

After moving into his new home with Harry, the comfortable three-bedroom Nottingham Cottage, the plan for the days ahead was shrouded in secrecy. For Harry, as an active member of the Royal Family, it was business as usual as he continued to attend regular engagements, including a reception for Walking with the Wounded on November 21, the day after his arrival, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, which was minutes from the house he now shared with Meghan. A big supporter of the Veterans Charity since 2010, having participated in their treks to the North Pole in 2011 and the South Pole in 2013, Harry told the organization’s co-founder Simon Daglish after delivering his remarks in the hall, “Life is fine.”

There was work to be done internally. On her previous stays in London, Meghan left clothes and a few decorative touches, but now she had to find room for all of her belongings. Her natural eye for design had gone a long way in dressing the house, but there was nothing she could do to change the size. There were parts of the second floor where the suspended ceilings were so low that Harry had to bend down to avoid banging his head. And Meghan’s wardrobe almost filled one of the bedrooms. But a little crowded was hardly a problem. After months of long distance, Meghan was thrilled to finally share a postcode, W8 4PY, with her partner.

Meghan has extended her personal touch beyond the walls of their chalet. She kept a box of disposable hand warmers in the house that she had ordered from Amazon so that whenever she passed through the security gates on cold winter days, she could give a few to the guards.


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