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Richmond, BC, Canada, June 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Property Owl Group of Companies CEO Kosi Stobbs released a millionaires manifesto titled F $ CK BROKE: GET’S GET RICH, A Guide to Financial Freedom in the Age of Emerging Entrepreneurship. The book is must-read for anyone looking to break down the barriers of unlimited success and join Stobbs on top of great wealth.

F $ CK BROKE: GET’S GET RICH takes the reader on a journey of mindset shifts and action plans that encompass the exact ‘how-tos’ of incredible success. Giving practical, actionable advice on how to get rich, everything Stobbs mentions in the book comes from his own journey to financial freedom. Stobbs is passionate about the fact that no matter what setbacks someone has experienced in life, they too can reach their full and greatest potential.

Stobbs explains that being at the top is wonderful. “It’s amazing. It’s freedom. It’s power. It’s life changing. But it’s also missing one thing: a large, diverse community with different lifestyles and past experiences.” There is room for more here with me, “he explains.” There is plenty of room at the top for everyone. “

About Property Group of Companies

Property Owl Group of Companies, founded by eight-figure employee Kosi Stobbs, is a diverse portfolio of companies for which Stobbs has created long-term growth opportunities. With a commitment to every business he obtains, Stobbs focuses on sustaining the corporate culture while preparing for the amount of change needed to thrive.

About Kosi Stobbs

Kosi Stobbs is a first generation Canadian who made a name for himself by saving, investing and spending his money wisely. He owns several seven- and eight-figure businesses, is a real estate investment mogul, was named among Canada’s 40 Under 40 and Vancouver 40 Under 40 in 2020, and is now the author of his first millionaires manifesto, F $ CK BROKE: LET’S BECOME RICH.



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