New Website, Launched by Consumers’ Research, Exposes Larry Fink’s Ties to Communist China and Massive Hypocrisy

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Consumers’ Research launched a new campaign expose BlackRock CEO Larry Finck for his shameless hypocrisy after his letter 2022 to CEOs brushed off criticism from Consumers’ Research, but failed to mention its close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

This new phase of Consumers’ Research’s multi-million dollar campaign targets BlackRock’s poor business practices and by Larry Fink the hypocritical principles of enlightenment include:

“Larry Fink wanted the world to think he was awake until we called him out for breaching his fiduciary duty to American retirees,” said Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research. “Now he’s backtracking and pretending he’s just a capitalist. He still lies, but his actions speak for themselves. He uses US investment dollars to get close to Chinese Communists and wake up politicians, thereby betraying the American consumer.

Last year, Consumers’ Research published a TV advertising and write a letter to governors which included a Warning to consumers focused on BlackRock’s use of US investments to fund the Chinese Communist Party. Since the consumer warning was issued, several states have taken action to protect their consumers from shady dealings by BlackRock and snitch.

“Larry Fink expects people to believe he’s saving the planet, but his hypocrisy seems to be catching up with him,” Hild said. “He has been outspoken on a number of woke political issues, but particularly silent on China’s human rights record while simultaneously sending US pension dollars to the Chinese Communist Party.”

The website,, has several articles outlining some of Fink’s most disturbing facts.

You can also visit for more information.

About consumer research:

consumer research is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to increase knowledge and understanding of the issues, policies, products and services that matter to consumers and to promote the freedom of act on this knowledge and understanding. Consumers’ Research believes that the cost, quality, availability, and variety of goods and services used or desired by American consumers – private and public sectors – are improved by greater consumer knowledge and freedom.

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