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No Escape’s John Erick and Drew Dowdle to star Six Minutes to Freedom movie

MadRiver Pictures by Marc Butan brought in John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle to write and John Erick Dowdle to direct a Six minutes to freedom film, based on the novel by John gilstrap. Marc Butan, Drew Dowdle, Sam Franco and Laura Bickford are producing. Ed Fee will be executive producer

The Six minutes to freedom The film aims to deliver a gripping action thriller based on the true story of American Kurt Muse, who in 1989 was jailed for broadcasting a pirate radio station that propagated dissent against Panamanian dictator Manuel. Noriega, and the saga of his US Delta Force prison rescue. Muse is the first and only American civilian rescued by the elite special force.

“When I first found out about Kurt’s remarkable story, I was shocked that no one had written a book about it yet,” Gilstrap said. on its official website. “It’s the perfect real-life thriller. He has a team of patriots who endure untold trials for their ideals, he has one of the great villains of the modern era in mass murderer Manuel Noriega, and he has a family that is devoted not only to each other. , but for a cause higher than themselves. Finally, there’s a mind-blowing third act that delivers a happy ending to Christmas. I always thought it was a story America needed to see on the big screen. More than that, it’s a story they need to take to their hearts.

In addition to the recent No leak, along with Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan, the Dowdles are well known for their work on As above, so below for legendary images as well as Devil for universal images and Quarantine for Screen Gems.


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