Ways to Develop a Perfect Web Resource

Too many people start to “get out of it” right away without taking the time to create a proper plan. But the fact is, whatever job you do (creating a website, building a house, or launching a marketing campaign), you should spend two-thirds of your time planning and only one-third of your time planning. run it.

Save time without resorting to a ui/ux design and development companyor at least this article, in the planning phase of the project leads to unforeseen errors, because of which the result is to redo work.

Whatever type of site you have in mind – one page or 15-20 pages – you need to understand that it requires investments of time, effort and money.

After all, it is a kind of real estate – your private property, construction and layout for which you are personally responsible. And your duty is to ensure that the site will be as good as possible and more convenient for customers.

The importance of site planning

In the construction of the house, before grabbing a hammer, saw or other construction tools, it is important to think through all the details. The same goes for the website.

So what should be considered when building a website and what steps are included in this process?

3 ways to develop a website

  1. development in a website builder;
  2. development on a CMS (WordPress is particularly popular); and
  3. independent development, including the use of popular tools and frameworks (Laravel, Django, Spring, etc.).

1. Designer

Designer – a software solution (often online), which allows you to create a site in a modular way, when the developer assembles the whole design using ready-made “cubes”, which a designer provides.

This approach allows you to create a website without any knowledge of web development and related skills. Especially suitable for those who want to make a simple site about themselves or their business, without any pretensions to the quality of the code and the speed of the site.

Also, designers usually create simple web pages for small advertising campaigns. It is impossible to make a serious business decision or an online store with a builder.

Why is it a good way

  • Low price. Almost all builders are initially free, and the cost of plugins is very low;
  • Ease of use. To create your own site, you just need to know how to use a computer browser and have a sense of taste;
  • All the routine is done by the designer. Large program scripts, login modules, hosting and other hidden processes are performed through an understandable control panel with just a few button clicks.


In this case, consider the most popular content management system (CMS) – WordPress. It has various analogues which are not so popular but have a similar set of tools and features: Joomla, Drupal and others.

CMS – a set of software tools for managing web content. In simple words, it is a basic framework and a set of additional tools and add-ons, which not only help to create a website or a web application, but also to maintain its work. , update content and interact with users.

All CMS have a control panel with a relatively user-friendly interface. The main programming language is PHP. Any CMS can allow you to create even very complex solutions, such as online stores or large corporate sites with deeply nested pages, but they also have their own characteristics.

Why is it a good way

  • Free access. Almost all CMS (except 1C-Bitrix) are initially free, and in addition, there are many ready-made website templates (especially for WordPress). Take what you want, modify the design to your liking and the site is ready;
  • Convenient content management. With the control panel to manage the site easily and simply. When using a CMS, requires no special skills to manage content;
  • Many ready-made solutions are also used in the team dworkz. There are many modules, plugins and add-ons for different tasks (from image sliders to SEO optimization and user support systems).

3. Personal development

The most creative and free process, but also the longest, comparable to making a bespoke suit. Writing a web site or application requires in-depth knowledge not only of the programming languages ​​themselves, but also an understanding of architecture, client business processes, and more.

At the same time, creating a website from scratch, the client will get a unique and personalized product, which will solve their tasks and not waste time on unnecessary processes. Self-development allows you to create projects of any complexity and according to the wishes of the customer.

Why is it a good way

  1. Freedom of choice. You can order everything you need to effectively solve your business problems. All features will be tailored exactly to your needs, not tailored from a template;
  2. Wide possibilities of promotion. Unlike CMSs and designers, promoting self-made websites in natural search is much easier. Also, in our studio, when ordering a corporate website or online store, the preparatory stage for SEO promotion is included in the cost of development;
  3. Individual design. Only clean code allows you to create the product you see and want to get. Separately, it can be noted that a competent approach to UI/UX can only be by using clean code because when using a CMS, the client is forced to refer to ready-made solutions that may not meet all of their needs.

Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the article, we would like to tell which means and when it is worth turning to.

If the purpose is to save time and a limited budget, and the site is developed for a specific task, for example, an advertising campaign for a particular group of products, to introduce a new service to the market, or the presentation of ‘a little-known product, then you’ll probably be justified in using the designer.

Contact the Dworkz team, but if you have more complicated tasks, such as:

  • make a multi-page site with a number of nested structures (portfolio, services, blogs, etc.);
  • to promote the site in search (Google); and
  • get visitor feedback, etc.

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